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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Importance of Body Image Happiness…!

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Dove asked mothers and daughters to write down what they liked and disliked about their bodies.  The similarities between the two lists were both eye-opening and shocking.  Who knew that all this is ingrained in our children?

Many women have a negative body image.  In some ways it seems like it just goes with the territory of being a woman.  We are always criticizing ourselves and picking out our flaws, instead of celebrating the things we love about ourselves.  The big problem with this behavior is that we are passing it all down to our children.  Without us even realizing it, our children are taking the same negative views of their own bodies that we have of ours.  This is an important lesson in learning to love ourselves, so that we can begin to foster a positive self image in our children, as opposed to teaching them at such an early age to only focus on imperfections.  Thanks, Dove, for helping to spread this important lesson!

About:  This video was originally seen on the dove United States YouTube channel.   The purpose of this channel is to encourage positive self-esteem in women.  Dove has wonderful products for both men and women, including shampoo, deodorant and soaps.

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