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Get 20%–30% of daily calories from fat

Fats are good for you (particularly monounsaturated and saturated). They maintain testosterone levels, levels which are important for building muscle. Red meat for saturated, nuts for monounsaturated, fish for essential omega 3 polyunsaturated.

Eat before bedtime

When you have no food available for a large amount of time the body turns to breaking down muscle for amino acids. Sleeping is a large amount of time. Eat slow digesting proteins and amino acids such as from yogurt or mixed nuts.

Consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight daily

To feed feed feed your muscle, this is about the optimum ratio.

Add 2–5 grams of creatine to your pre and post workout shakes

For various reasons, you can find the benefits: 
Initial Loading phase
  • Typically up to 15 grams of creatine each day for 5 days
  • This is a quick way to get your body stores up
  • Split this dose over the day, three times a day at 5 grams each time
  • Do not exceed 20 grams a day
  • Start of slow, first day 5 grams (split over three doses), second day 10 grams (split over three doses), third day 15 grams (split over three doses)
Maintenance phase
  • After 5 days of loading moving down to 2 – 3 grams a day
  • Maintain this for a period of maximum 8 weeks, we would recommend 6 weeks for first timers
  • Then take a weeks rest
How to take the creatine
  • It is most effectively absorbed with an insulin spike
  • Take it with juice, orange, citric, easily absorbed carbs etc.
  • Don’t take creatine on a empty  stomach, it may cause upset
  • Don’t take to much at once, it will be difficult for your body to handle, always small amounts three times a day.

Drink a shake pre and post workout, or consume good proteins.

Protein synthesis takes time, as you workout your body begins it, if the supply doesn’t meet the demand you’re not giving your muscles what they need when they need it. They need it as you are working out.

Eat the right carbs around workouts

Research shows that when athletes eat slower- digesting carbs, they not only have more energy and less fatigue during exercise but also burn more fat during training and experience less hunger throughout the day.

Consume 20 calories per pound of bodyweight daily

If you burn more calories than you consume your body can go into conservation mode and stop supporting muscle growth. This amount may vary depending on your sport or what you are trying to achieve, but this is a great fact for optimum muscle growth.

Consume the right amount of carbs for your goals

If you’re looking to pack on lots of muscle, consume a good amount of health carbs. If you’re looking to lean out reduce your in take and teach your body to turn to fat for energy.

Eat every 2–3 hours

This helps you stay lean, supporting your muscles in their growth. Keep every meal about the same size.

Eat plenty of foods with  BCAA on top of your protein shakes

leucine is the MVP for instigating muscle growth, it is a type of branch chain amino acid. BCAA also supply energy. They are used directly by the muscle for energy during explosive workouts.