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Friday, November 14, 2014

Mindset for Weight Loss

Almost all articles on health and fitness, particularly fat loss, are all coming from the physical aspect. How to train like this, you must eat this, 6 minute abs, the list goes on. Today I wanted to touch on a subject that gets grossly overlooked and that is mindset.
Every great achievement starts in the mind.
“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Tony Robbins
So here are my top 9 mindset barriers to fat loss:

1. Social outcast

Mindset hurdle number one is a huge one especially for those festivities like parties (holidays/birthdays, etc), weddings, it’s Friday night and whatever other things people can come up with to drink and be merry. This is the fear of being different by asking for food that is specific to your nutrition needs.  Don’t be afraid to be different. Be proud and people will be intrigued and start asking questions and who knows you might school a few people on how to eat right for their fat loss goals ;)  After some time you will realize that people don’t really give a damn about what you do or don't eat of drink!

2.Support Crew

We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Have a look around. Are these 5 people supporting your goals and a part of your support crew? Or are they part of the negative Nancy’s. Ignore the neigh sayers, don’t let the people who are unhappy with themselves drag you back down to their level, you are better than that.
If you can’t find people around you who are willing to help you, you can find support with online groups, like my Beachbody Challenge Facebook Groups!  

3.Have Bad Habits

We are defined by what we repeatedly do, not just once in a while.
So if you have the habit of sleeping 8 hours a night, eating nutritious whole foods and exercising 5 times a week, you will be considered fit and healthy.
Unfortunately most of us have habits that we don’t even know about until someone else points them out for us. Like eating some candy every time you walk past the candy jar at work, having a bottle of wine with dinner every night, go from sitting down at work all day in front of the computer, to sitting in front of the TV all night. Having that sweet treat after dinner every single night is a common one too.
New habits take time to develop and they need to replace these old habits, and it's achieveable!!  

4.Comfort eating

Someone one told me that on the inside we are just like little children nervous, anxious, intimidated and just waiting for something to go wrong so we can break free of our adult disguise and run away screaming at the drop of a hat when something goes wrong.
And where do most of us turn in times of stress… food.
Yes it may be true that if you are feeling stressed that it makes you feel better but the real question is “what is making you stressed in the first place and addressing that issue first. Don’t just band aid the problem with junk food. Discover other ways to deal with stress like meditation and relaxation, exercise and correct nutrition.

5. Embarrassed to go to the gym

Girls, just picture this; sweaty men checking themselves out in the mirror, hogging all the equipment, other girls staring you down with their judging eyes and you not having the faintest idea of what you are doing.
Guys, you enter the gym and feel like such a noob around all these, that appear to be roided up dudes, grunting and sizing you up.
I’m pretty sure most of you feel like this at some point. The good news is this is just all in your head…for most of it. You have to remember that almost everybody else in the gym is just as self-conscious as you are. No one really gives a shit as they are too focused on them selves.
If you have no idea what you are doing then the first step is to have a plan. This can involve getting a personal trainer as they can take you through your first few months of training the correct way right from the start.  Online trainers who can help you with nutrition, training and mindset all from the comfort of your own home are also a great option.

6. All or nothing mentality

I know many people like this (I was once included in this group) who are either in 100% or not at all. Let me give you an example of someone like this, it might sound familiar.
Monday – Trained, clean eating
Tuesday – Trained, clean eating
Wed- Slept in, missed training and breakfast, had a coffee on the run. Didn’t have lunch prepared so ate some of your work colleagues pizza, though stuff it, I’ve ruined my nutrition and training for today, I  might as well eat cake, deep fried food and all other stuff that will give you a heart attack and keep it going. And you go large on everything! I’ll start again tomorrow.
This makes about as much sense as dropping you iPhone on the ground and it has a tiny crack on the screen and saying “well I might as well keep smashing it on the ground now because I’ve ruined it”
A lot of people are striving for perfect instead of really good. People are getting amazing results with 90% on plan nutrition and 10% to play around with whatever they like. Maybe you should try this too.

7.Consistency and Having a Plan

As I have mentioned above the two most important things to achieving weight loss is consistency and having a solid plan.
The best way to look at this is like this.
Having one bad meal or missing one training session will not make you fat and unhealthy and on the flip side of that is having one good meal and one training session is not going to make you fit, healthy and lose weight.
If you’ve gotten professional help from a quality personal trainer, you would have a fantastic training program specific to your goals. You have mini goals to achieve along the way. Be consistent with the plan and measure results. Also you must have faith and trust the process. Stick with it and results will come.

8. Comparing yourself to others

You need to stop looking at what everyone else is doing and their progress and focus on yourself. You have your kick ass training plan, you have your nutrition plan dialed in and your mind is focused. Results will come… Plain and simple.
Now go and change your mind before you change anything else & watch things truly change!! 
I also recommend audiobooks on personal development & mediating daily as well.  If you'd like some of my personal recommendation, send me on Facebook or 

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