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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Top 10 tips to lose weight

 Top 10 tips to lose weight

Top most ten weight loss tips are given below, follow them and reduce your weight easily. 

Tip 1:
Prior to start, decide how much weight you want to lose, people without any proper planning tend to fail due to lack of a specific goal & plan.  Using BMI calculator calculate your desired weight according to your height and age. After this start your methods to lose weight.

Tip 2:
Time management-Plan a schedule at which part of your day you need to plan your exercise. Plan the day in your week for your exercise work. If you don’t do this your exercise plan will not show results.

Tip 3:
Replace your food habits from junk food to nutritious food like fruits, vegetables, healthy meats, grains, healthy fats and spices. Follow food habits that are based on whole, fresh foods.

Tip 4:
Healthy cooking is one of the main reason to lose weight, use fresh herbs and spices to make food interesting.  Use coconut oil or olive oil for cooking.

Tip 5:
Losing weight with out proper exercise is incomplete. Start a cardio & weight training workout that stresses on muscle tone and increased heart rate that helps to lose weight. One can plan this work outs at home or you can consult gym for personal training. 

Tip 6:
Examine your snacking habits (time of day, type of foods you're eating).  Prepare in advance healthy snacks to grab & go. Get rid of the unhealthy snacks like soda drink, processed foods, chips, french fries, deep fried foods, etc. Take salads, soaked nuts & seeds, raw vegetables, fruits, & homemade protein bars. All these snacking habits will make you to lose weight.

Tip 7:
Plan your day with at least one active hobby. Physical activity of 30 to 40 minutes in a day is much sufficient for a healthy body. Walking, jogging, playing games with friends and family, weekend trips to hike, bike, swim, even cleaning your house, or dancing, but the list can go on forever!

Tip 8:
Stress is the today major problem for every one. To come out of this, do meditation and yoga. Along with you can also perform some deep breathing exercises and reading books to get out of stress.

Tip 9:
Simple but yet very important tip is drink plenty of water. We know our body relies heavily on water for all its activities. Consuming water adequately makes our system run smoothly and comfortably with out any stress to the organs. Do not forget carry a water bottle to your workout and take few sips of water for every ten minutes at least.

Tip 10:
Plan healthy vacations with your family and friends. A tiny vacations will remove all of your stress and play some little out door games at your vacations.

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Add all the ten tips to be your lifetime habits for a healthy living and better health for your mind & body!

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