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Friday, September 19, 2014

Steps To Take To Reduce Overeating While Eating Out

Steps To Take To Reduce Overeating While Eating Out.

Americans eat up to 40 percent more food while eating out compared eating at home!

Here are some simple steps to reduce overeating while eating out

1) Start with low calorie appetizers such as calorie poor, and nutrient dense foods such as soups, nuts, salad or olives
2) Stay clear of ‘supersize me’ or ‘large size’ options
3) If you’re having dessert, share it with a friend or bring portion of it home.
4) Choose more vegetable and fruit-based options
5) Choose a starter instead of a main course
6) Limit the total calorie intake to no more than 600-800 calories for dinner and half that for breakfast or lunch.
7) Stop eating before you feel full
8) Take a break in the middle of the food
9) Portion sizes have gone up significantly over time, so be mindful of the portions.

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