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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mindful Eating: What's eating you?

Many people have psychological factors that lead to our bottomless bingeing, here are some steps that may help.  Mindful eating is not a diet, or about giving up anything at all. It’s about experiencing food more intensely — especially the pleasure of it. You can eat a cheeseburger mindfully, if you wish. You might enjoy it a lot more. Or you might decide, halfway through, that your body has had enough. Or that it really needs some salad. Think about how most of us go unconscious when we eat; mindlessly eating--FOR WHAT?

#1. HALT: Before you open the fridge door ask yourself this. Am I:

Hungry? Is my body giving me the signs of real hunger? Is my stomach gurgling? Take a minute to check in with your body and to feel real hunger.
Take a minute to check in with your body and feel real hunger
Angry? Am I upset with something or someone? Is there something I want to say, but cannot say? Am I trying to eat to ignore or stuff my anger?
Lonely? Am I feeling lonely, isolated or different? Instead of eating, who can you call? Where can you go? Speak up and ask for company.
Tired? Are you burnt out, tired or weak? Are you using food or energy drinks to push yourself that extra hour? Honor your body and take a break, nap or just go to sleep.

#2. Create an Atmosphere:

Eating is a treat and gift to yourself. Treat it like one.
Buy a pretty tablecloth, set the table, or accent with flowers. Learn how to make eating a beautiful ritual.
I like to diffuse a citrus essential oil in the room that helps to calm my anxiety and helps me become present.

#3. Sit Down:

Go sit down at a table and be mindful of where you are
How often do you actually sit down to eat?
If you are standing while eating because it is quicker, slow down. Go sit down at a table and be mindful of where you are. Even if it is just an orange, go sit down and eat it bite by bite.
Great Info Here:

#4. Put the Technology AWAY:

Practice becoming fully present at the table without any distractions.
That email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest message can wait.
Unclench that grip and turn the phone over so you don’t see the screen.
Practice becoming fully present at the table without any distractions.

#5. Put Your Fork Down and Chew:

This is probably the best advice someone gave me years ago. Between each bite, put your fork down on the plate and take the time to chew.
Chewing not only helps break down the food before it enters your stomach, but it helps you be mindful of what you taste.
What does the food feel like on your tongue; what are the flavors on your taste buds?

#6. Feel the Fullness:

honor the process of eating
After several bites, check in with yourself. Are you full? Do you need a little more food to feel satisfied?
Stop before you are stuffed. This requires tuning in to your body, and listening to those first signs of satiation.
 The goal of conscious eating is to know the ins and outs of our hunger, to connect with where our food comes from and to honor the process of eating moment to moment. With each bite, you get another chance to become conscious.
REPOST with some modifications from author Mary Crummins, of Eat Local Grown

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